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Welcome! ​ Welcome to the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King, a historic, one-of-a-kind scenic gem on Rainbow Lake. We provide professional long-term skilled nursing care as well as short term rehabilitative stays.

Spanning 42 acres of scenic landscape, the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King is nestled between tranquil spring-fed lakes and lush green rolling hills. The Veterans Home began in its current location when the civil war ended. 


  • Moses Hall offers scenic views of the woodland and lakes. All rooms are private with adjoining private baths. There is an all-female unit for those who wish this type of setting.
  • Ainsworth Hall is located in partial woodland and park setting. A Memory Care Unit is located within this hall with access to an enclosed courtyard to allow Members freedom within a safe setting.
  • Marden Recreation Center located right on the lakefront boasts a Café, Credit Union, Ceramics Shop, Pool Hall, Tavern, Bowling Alley, KX for shopping, Post Office, Museum, Library, and Theatre. 
  • All of our buildings are connected with a tunnel system with tugger transportation provided to allow Members to be as independent as possible. The tunnel system affords Members to be active even during weather that is not favorable to be outside.


  • Our goal is to keep our Members as active and engaged as possible through many diversified offerings such as bus trips to ball games, karaoke at our tavern and pool hall, meal outings, movies at our indoor theatre, mini golf course, bandstand with entertainment, fishing trips on the lake with our pontoon boats, bowling at our in-house bowling alley and tram rides around the campus to name a few things.  
  • Members in need who prefer a quieter setting can immerse themselves in areas all over the campus such as our multiple chapels, family visiting areas, museum, library,  beautifully landscaped courtyards, and park with a fountain.
  • Members have access to our KX on-site store where all items are free for Members. 
  • King has an on-site Credit Union so that Members may have access to funds as they need them.
  • Our ceramics area allows Members to express their artistic abilities.


  • Long Term Skilled Nursing Care
  • Short Term Rehabilitative Care – Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapy Services
  • Respite Stays
  • Memory-Care Unit
  • Music Therapy
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Mental Health Nurse Practitioners for Members who require additional mental health services
  • Wound care Certified Nurses
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Dental Services Radiology, Ophthalmology, and Laboratory Services


  • Snacks and refreshments served throughout the day by our Nursing Department are also available.
  • The center has an on-site Dietician who reviews and assures that nutritional needs of Members are being met.
  • Members are welcome to frequent our Veterans Café located on the lake and enjoy a variety of menu items


Admissions Eligibility for our Home

Since July 1, 2013, the requirement to be a Wisconsin resident at the time of application to one of our Wisconsin State Veterans Homes has been eliminated.  Out-of-state applicants are now welcome! The following “General and Subcategory Priorities” will be used when processing applications for admission.

General Priorities for Admissions:

  • First Priority:  Veterans*
  • Second Priority:  Spouses of veterans
  • Third Priority:   Spouses of deceased veterans
  • Fourth Priority:  Parents of veterans who were killed while on active duty

Sub-category Priorities:

“Within” each of the above general priorities these sub-category priorities will be applied when processing applications for admission:

  • Provide first priority to eligible applicants who have resided in the state of Wisconsin for more than six continuous months prior to the date of application for membership;
  • Provide second priority to eligible applicants who are residents on the date of application and who have been residing continuously in the state of Wisconsin for a period of six months or less immediately preceding the date of application for membership; and
  • Provide third priority to eligible applicants who reside out-of-state on the date of application for membership.

* For the purposes of admissions eligibility, a “veteran” is defined as:

  • A person who has served on active duty during peacetime for two or more years or the full period of their initial obligation.  OR;
  • A person who served on active duty for at least 90 days, one day of which must have been during a wartime period. AND:
  • A person who served and was discharged from the armed forces under honorable conditions.
  • Spouses of veterans and parents of veterans who were killed while on active duty are also eligible to apply.


There are countless ways to enjoy time with a veteran! As a volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in or even lead member activities, social events, and recreational events on and off campus.

Are you an avid gardener? – The Petals for Honor program invites you to show off your gardening skills and adopt a designated  area on the grounds.   The variety of flower beds creates many destinations for our Members to visit.

Our main volunteer office is located in the Marden Memorial Center on our campus.

Donations – We Appreciate You!

Please view our Wish List to see how you can assist our members at King.

Your generously donated goods*, services, or money, contributions by family members, friends, and the community help our Wisconsin Veterans Homes provide a comfortable, homey atmosphere to our members. 

*Please note that we cannot accept any used clothing or footwear.

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